Ragin’s 40’s Vlog: Episode 3 – Tanaka Facial Massage & Oil Pulling

Welcome to Episode #3 of the Ragin’ 40’s Vlog! Today I am sharing the Tanaka facial massage and oil pulling. All of the suggestions I make in the Vlogs require a time commitment. I know we are all going crazy to just keep up – so I suggest multitasking. When I do the Tanaka massage in the AM I will also oil pull. Oil pulling takes 20 minutes so you can easily fit in the Tanaka facial massage. I just reduce the swishing for exercises that require pressure on the cheeks.

The Tanaka massage can be found on YouTube. I am including the links below. Yukuku Tanaka, a Japanese makeup artist, developed this technique and has kindly shared it with people all over the world. The woman is well into her 60’s and looks FAB. Is it the massage or good genetics? Probably a mixture of both if you ask me 😉

I have been using this massage for the past few years and see a lot of improvement when I do it daily. The under eye massage really works well when you wake up the morning after partaking in salty food or booze and find you are carrying around some extra luggage. This quick massage pushes fluids and toxins from your tissue into the lymph nodes (you have lymph nodes in your face and neck), improving the general health and circulation of the facial tissue which gives that glowing complexion we are all looking for.

Warning: Use some cream when you are doing this massage! I use virgin coconut oil. If your skin is dry will look red and blotchy at the end instead of luminous. You have been warned.

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