Ragin’ 40 VLog: Episode 2 – The Flex Effect Challenge

Thanks for joining me for Episode #2 of the Ragin’ 40’s. I am so excited to share Flex Effect with you! I started using the program in 2008 and found the results to be truly amazing. Firmer, tighter skin and best of all no chicken neck. Unfortunately it’s fallen under the radar – hey life gets busy ‘ya know 😉 So this seemed like the ideal opportunity to share this system and my progress with you guys. Over the next year I will be taking pictures of problem areas and documenting the results every 3 months. Many sites post before and after pix with optimal lighting, makeup and more flattering angles to make their point. There will be none of that BS here. Just simple raw photos and real results.

As promised I am also including free resources available on YouTube. Check ’em out. My favourite is Facerobics. If you are hesitant to shell out for the Flex Effects system you can start here – she has a ton of information for you.

PS – Disclaimer: No magic pills here (and by the way – for the most part they don’t exist). This program takes dedication. Results happen over a period of months when you use them daily. I allocate about 20 minutes per day 5 days per week (I also multi-task when I am doing them – oil pulling, vlog postings etc).


Howdini has a number of facial exercise videos on YouTube:

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