I Have My Momma’s Hands

I Have My Momma’s Hands

My first childhood memories are of food and music. Mahalia Jackson playing on my parent’s old record player and the feel of the red velveteen speakers on my cheek as I tried to get in closer to listen. Silent Night.

…and the smell of bubbling sugar – caramelizing and working it’s magic inside my Momma’s heavy stainless steel pot. The candy thermometer peeking out of the top with the mercury rising to the soft-ball stage. Chunks of dark chocolate, a dash of vanilla and a few pats of butter finishing off old fashioned fudge that would soon fill an old square pan lined with parchment paper. Ahhh Christmas at its best.

That same day my Momma reached over and said….”you have my hands”. This blog is dedicated to her and all the other Mommas out there that have taken care of us and our childhood memories.

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